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Starbucks Via Saves The Day … Again…

starbucks_via_daddynewbieStarbucks sent me some of Via instant-coffee packets to review, and I have to say I’m not usually a huge fan of coffee. But, since my son was born, I find myself drinking it more frequently. It’s got to be a mainstay for most parents, particularly if you have a baby-toddler-2-year-old.

The Starbucks Via coffee packets are great for those of us who are on-the-go, because it’s easy to just take the packet with us, mix it with hot water, and have instant caffeination–no matter where you are… (ok, ok, it may not be great for those out-of-the-way places where hot water is hard to come by, but even then, you can bring the water with you, and have a quick caffeine moment there as well).

starbucksviaYeah, part of the need for caffeine has been when I pull the all-nighters with a sick-teething-cranky baby (and, now, toddler). But, I’ve found that Starbucks Via coffee also just gives me that extra umph to get my lazy hump going when we’re running off to the zoo, dino museum, park, aquarium, Explora science museum, and all points in between!

The only real question seems to be: What flavor should we try next?


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[Disclaimer: I received 2 sample 12-packs of  Starbucks Via for free, as well as monetary compensation for creating my video and promoting it on my blog. I have personally reviewed this product, and believe it’s of benefit to my readers. Please take a look at my full Disclosure.]

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