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Party Games and Tailgating… #LeeTailgate

leeI know… I know… you’re probably wondering why we’re talking about beer pong and cornhole, right? (Spoiler: You also have a chance to win $250, if you join our antics at the Twitter party tomorrow night — see more details below.)

It’s because we’ve got the unique opportunity (and pleasure) to team with Lee Jeans, Mike & Mike (Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg) and Life of Dad — to highlight the combo of comfort, style and of course tailgating possibilities.

To that end, we were put on two teams:

  • Team Greeny (or Team Awesome) and
  • Team Golic (Team Black Hats).

We’ve been tasked with explaining the awesomeness of our topic versus our opponents’ lackluster topic.

A Question of Games: Beer Pong vs. Cornhole

My topic is a favorite tailgating game (of course I went beer pong) and the loser… Sorry, I meant my opponent for this is: Daniel DeGuia. He chose, I think poorly: cornhole which you may know as “bags”.

As I’m sure you’ve already read, I’ve already written about Lee Jeans before. I believe in the product (after all, they’ve been around for 125 years),  and really can’t help but tell everyone about ’em!

And, of course, they’re even better for tailgating season. They’re perfect when it comes to fit and comfort, for all those tailgating games, grilling, and pretty much any other activity during this season.

Excited to be talking sports, tailgating, and @LeeJeans this week in #LeeTailgate #ad

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Beer Pong is the Best!

Playing games is one of the top five tailgating traditions. But really… What could be better, when tailgating, than playing a good game of beer pong?

I know… I know, there are some people who like cornhole (bags).  And, while I like playing bags (let’s face it, it’s fun) — nothing tops a great game of beer pong.

Dump trucking your friends in a game a beer pong is just awesome. I mean, they have to drink their beer and yours. Talk about a win-win.

In bags, what do you get? A win? Bragging rights?

championWhat is that compared to getting the epic win, and then watching your buddy struggle through his next beer (plus, the inevitable, next morning: a hangover). Again win-win.

In all seriousness, I like playing beer pong, not for the possibility of making a buddy drunk, but for all kinds of other things, like:

  • Playing against a woman you like but have no idea how to start a conversation with (beer pong)
  • Or if there is a jerky know-it-all guy who needs to be taken down a peg or two (beer pong)
  • If your team loses you can still win at this (beer pong)… consolation prize… Also it may ease your sadness.
  • And let’s face it: Have you ever been around when everyone is playing the game. Everyone ends up hugging, and saying “I love you, man.”  Comradery!

There is some out there (Daniel DeGuia and Mike Golic) who believe that cornhole (bags) is way more fun or even cooler than beer pong. I will state that those two guys think Donald Trumps hair will be the next big hair crazy on par with what Jennifer Aniston’s hair styles did for women in the 90’s.  (By the way, I am pretty sure both of them had mullets up until a few years ago.)

Don’t let them fool you into thinking that bags (cornhole) is a better tailgating game then beer pong. (My goodness, they drink Boones Farms, calling it a “classy” drink). Stop the madness! You also can join in on the fun, and tell Team Golic (@ESPNGolic) and Daniel DeGuia (@guia) how misguided they really are using the #LeeTailgate in there love of this 2nd rate tailgating game.

Here is a link to Daniel’s post, so you can hear is sad response to why cornhole ( bags ) is a better tailgating game then beer pong. On a side note, his choice of team my explain his sad game picking skills  (a Bears fan) #GOPACKGO

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  • Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Lee Jeans for this promotion.  I have received compensation for my participation, but my thoughts are my own.

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