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How to Juggle Being a Dad, the Job and Sleep

Being a dad is awesome, but it’s not always easy. There’s always a constant interplay, with conflicting pulls from the demands of our kids and jobs. Sometimes, it’s also important to get a little sleep, at least to get enough to maintain our sanity. With work and coaching, and all the rest of the extracurricular activities in our lives, we …

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5 Tips to Encourage My Child to Sleep

As parents, we were there when our child/children entered this world, and we’ve experienced so many memorable moments along the way. But, many of the earliest memories with our little one also revolved around sleep, in various iterations: Trying to get our baby to fall to sleep; Rocking and changing and feeding the baby to encourage sleep; Experiencing our own …

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Day 05 Chuck the Chunk

Just a quick check in–for Chuck the Chunk–as I’m getting ready to head out of town for a few days. The workout went great: 2 hours (I did the stationary bike for cardio; worked arms, legs and did some core work). I have started doing sit-ups and push-ups before bed. I started Day 2 with two sets of 50, and …

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Finding time to work at home

Working from home can be pretty tough–even tougher with a 2 year old. I love my time with my son. I love how I can see him grow and all that child-like wonderment that comes with it. All that being said, it is pretty tough to fit work in there–with all the games of chase, meals, going here and there, …

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Tough day

Work, bills and sometimes just the hard times that life brings can leave us frustrated. When we are like this, rest is something we really need. Of course, my son is like me: he doesn’t need 8 hours of sleep most nights. And, it can be challenging. So: wakeful nights, tiredness and the pressure.  And, what do you do with the …

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