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Tough day

IMAG0204aWork, bills and sometimes just the hard times that life brings can leave us frustrated. When we are like this, rest is something we really need. Of course, my son is like me: he doesn’t need 8 hours of sleep most nights. And, it can be challenging. So: wakeful nights, tiredness and the pressure.  And, what do you do with the cranky, 2-year-old, who won’t sleep?

  • Often, all we can really do is take a step back and look for something that will clam you down a little.
  • Why is he fighting sleep? In most cases it can be something as simple as overtiredness (the signs of which can include: grumpiness, being jumpy, staring, being clumsy, looking tired, wanting to be held/comforted)

My son has all of these signs when he is overly tired. I know sometimes it is so hard to remind yourself: This too shall pass… He will sleep eventually.

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