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Top Thanksgiving Books

Thanksgiving is such a fun time for family and friends to get together, share food and memories, and also enjoy fun and storytelling. Of course, some of the best (most popular) books about Thanksgiving were written for kids. Many of these stories offer something for all of us to enjoy… Please take a look at these top picks!

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Calm Water

by Christopher Neal, A Boy Among Men. My days are usually quite hectic. The chaos starts from the time I wake up until about 30 minutes before bed, when I force myself to stop working. Mornings are filled with getting kids up, fed and out the door with my wife. Then, it’s time for me to get ready and fight …

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The love of books

The love of books–what does that mean? To some it is the endless joy of reading from your first waking hour to your last blink of your eye before slipping into the restful bliss of sleep. To others it may be book collecting, finding books that may otherwise be lost–buried in a garage or estate sale, a bookstore, or dusty …

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My son is saying more words every day. I, for one, am very happy about it. It isn’t such a guessing game when I know what he wants or needs. When he thinks the food is too hot, he now says: ” HOT HOT !!” When he is cold, he says: ” COLD!” His vocabulary continues to grow–he can say …

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