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The love of books

2012-03-049510-54-4895207aThe love of books–what does that mean? To some it is the endless joy of reading from your first waking hour to your last blink of your eye before slipping into the restful bliss of sleep. To others it may be book collecting, finding books that may otherwise be lost–buried in a garage or estate sale, a bookstore, or dusty attic.

Combing through the used books, we look for that gem that, in your eyes, is more then worth it’s weight¬†in gold.

My son loves books. Mostly, he carries around the oversized dinosaur book he got for Christmas, but he also loves Dr. Seuss books, as well as books about bugs and dirt (rocks and minerals), animals–just about any other topic you can think of. He’s learning, as he points at one word after another and wants me to say it for the millionth time that hour. He’s trying out new words, playing with language.

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