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306456_10150380653184505_4936729_n1My son is saying more words every day. I, for one, am very happy about it. It isn’t such a guessing game when I know what he wants or needs.

When he thinks the food is too hot, he now says: ” HOT HOT !!” When he is cold, he says: ” COLD!”

His vocabulary continues to grow–he can say some words with utter clearly (and there are many more that are harder to understand). Soon, his vocabulary will have grown so much (and the rate at which he’ll add works will happen so quickly) that I likely won’t be able to keep track any more.

He enjoys saying phrases like “Milk  gone,” or “Go out.”

And he can answer simple questions such as “What is your name?” and “What does the dinosaur say?”

He uses words to tell me when he’s hungry and thirsty, so I no longer have to guess if that’s why he’s a little bit crabby–at least some of the time.

He also understands opposites.

I encourage my son to use word–when expressing wants and needs (although, it is still sometimes much easier to just let him point). If I say the word(s) for him, I know that I’m robbing him of a chance for self expression.  I love the unexpected surprises–both in the new words he picks up, but the way he says them (and the unexpected situations when those words pop up, often with appropriate usage).

For, example, he has picked up pseudo-accents (I have no idea where he picked it up, but he says “dirt” like an Englishman).

Here are some of the language skills for my 2 year old…

  • Forms two- to four-word sentences (“Car, car red.”)
  • Sings simple songs
  • Follows simple instructions
  • Uses pronouns, though not always correctly (“Me do it” instead of “Gavin do it,” but probably not “I do it”)
  • Repeats words heard in conversations
  • Recognizes names of people, things, and parts of the body

And, of course, he picks up more words every time we read books. New nouns, verbs, and ideas. He particularly LOVES Dr. Seuss books (as well as other fun/silly books. My son often carries books around with him, as he walks around the house (and plays). He enjoys asking me to read to him; he asks his brother to read to him; and he also sits down with the book(s) and “reads” to himself (though his process of reading is often more about pointing at the pictures and reciting the names, colors, activities of  the characters/objects/etc. Some days, I just enjoy watching him learn and grow, that is until I am Super Dad of The Year and under my watch he learns those colorful vocabulary words we try so hard not to teach our child…. Enjoy the journey!

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