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Week in Review

185540_10150354434124505_1117477_n1Well another week down, and more lessons learned.

Bath time has become more fun, as splashing and dumping water out is the new toy of fun for my son. He discovered the “fun” of dumping water out onto the bathroom floor.  The pond dripped through the downstairs ceiling, and puddled on the floor below.

So, in just a matter of less then a minute my son was able to help me find a hole in my kitchen ceiling, so “Thank you, son”…  Also, I’ve now learned to keep all buckets and hair-rinsing pitchers out of his reach. His brother wasn’t in the tub with him (or he probably would have alerted me to the water before it became a significant issue).

Until next week… I am sure, there will be more to talk about. There’s more to learn day-by-day.

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