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After-Easter Musings

Well Easter is over, and I am left wondering. As I watch my son look for the now-empty (and re-hidden) Easter eggs, the thought crosses mind: how do I deal with faith in my son’s life?

I was raised in the Catholic faith, but lost my faith years ago. Dealing with what is out there in life (the evil, greed and seediness of what we can become), I found it hard to believe in one form of faith over another. But, now, the question occurs to me: What should I do with “faith” as it pertains to my son?

Studies show that some kids are more well-adjusted in relationships if they have some form of  faith in their lives. Faith gives kids a sense of belonging, of comfort, and–for some–a sense of meaning in life.

For some of you (well, maybe for most of you), faith is BIG, particularly in a relationship. It helps to chart the course of a child’s life, development, and perception of the world around them. It affects so much–from which political party they support to their beliefs about what happens after death.

And, that’s what occurs to me (and scares me)–what if I screw it up for my son? For me, faith is a choice. I am 40 years old. I do not claim to have all of life’s answers, nor am I all-knowing.

I do know something about the human condition, but I don’t have all the answers. As Spock once said, “There are always possibilities”… So, what can I do? I can make sure my son has everything (or at least as much information as I can give him–about different  faiths from God and Buddha to Allah, and all in between. He will, ultimately make his own choices about faith and what he understands and believes about life and death.

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