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Day 05 Chuck the Chunk

Just a quick check in–for Chuck the Chunk–as I’m getting ready to head out of town for a few days.

The workout went great: 2 hours (I did the stationary bike for cardio; worked arms, legs and did some core work).

I have started doing sit-ups and push-ups 1003042_10152116524759616_1764882450_n1before bed. I started Day 2 with two sets of 50, and I have increased by 5 every other day. I will continue that. (Batman does  1,000 sit-ups and push-ups each day, so I’m just a couple thousand years and a few billion dollars away from being him.)

Here are some boring stats:

  • Calories for breakfast: 260
  • For lunch: 580
  • My mid-morning snack: 100 (as was my mid-day snack)
  • Dinner: a whooping 620
  • A grad total: 1,660 calories for the day

I know every one of you are jealous of my diet-yumminess.

Well, I hear a little boy calling for me. The clock says bath-time. My body says bedtime. So, I will compromise and give him a bath, play chase-me-around-the-house-to-get-me-dressed game (20 minutes), read some books (another 30 minutes), then milk, then more reading, and then bed.

On that note, I say: “Goodnight interwebs, until the next update.”

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  1. Keep it up. When do you get on the scale?

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