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Chuck the Chunk Day 21-25

Hello, my hard-working, fat-burning Chunksters.

I know it has been a few days since the last post, but we have been working hard, trying to keep my fatness in check. I have some great news and some bad news, for this 1003042_10152116524759616_1764882450_n1installment.

The good news first, as sometimes it is ok to eat your dessert first, if it looks good enough. Here goes.

I did my weight-in on Thursday and, to my shock and awe, I am down to 245.9. That is a grand total of  14.1 lbs. lost in the first 23 days of this Chuck the Chunk on the Road to Dad 2.0 weight-loss challenge. We are rolling, (pun-kind-of-intended).

I must say… After reading my weight on the scale, I was so belly punching my inner fat-guy, running around him, going: ” I am kicking your buuutt !!! I am kicking your buuuuuuutt !!!”

And, yes, I may have wiener  punched him and ran off at the end of my Ali-fight dance, as he is bigger then me now.

When I first started this, I would have been content with a 14 lbs. weight-loss. Now that I am doing it (and trucking-along: pun totally intended there), I see that I can do this. And so…

The bad news… Well, that is for my inner and outer fatness. Playtime is over. I am going to smack your bulbous hind end all over the fictional schoolyard in my head, and give you a fat-reducing wedgie, and maybe a power bomb to my more then generous mid-section.

This is war and we are on the beach-head. We have our foothold and we will be marching up your backside. (Sorry, I watched Saving Private Ryan last night).

So, on that note my fellow Chunksters, I will end this post. Until the next one, stay sweaty my friends.

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