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KIND Miles Matter – Family Time That Gives Back

We’re constantly on the go, whether it’s running in the park, barreling down the slide, taking a hike in the Sandia Mountains, splashing in the pool, or hunting dinosaurs (down by the Rio Grande). That time is important to me, not just because I can see my son seems to be inching taller as we speak. Time is precious, and I don’t want to miss even a second of it…

All the myriad of activities consume energy, and we take our snacks with us on the go — wherever we go. But, while we’re going full-tilt from one summer-fun activity to another, it’s also important to me that we fuel up with snacks that are “better-for-you” and “better-for-the-world” products. KIND Snacks are award-winning, made from wholesome ingredients (they’re also gluten free and non-GMO). Best of all,  they taste great too!  With 6 snack lines:

  • KIND® Fruit & Nut and KIND® PLUS, two lines of delicious whole nut & fruit bars;
  • KIND® Nuts & Spices, a line of whole nut & spice bars that naturally have only 5g of sugar or less;
  • KIND Healthy Grains® Clusters made from five super grains;
  • KIND Healthy Grains® Bars, a line of crunchy and chewy granola bars; and
  • STRONG & KIND®, a line of savory-flavored bars featuring 10g of protein.

How many different ways can we stay active? Let me count the ways! #kindmilesmatter @kindsnacks @lifeofdadshow A photo posted by Don Jackson (@daddynewbie) on

That’s also why we were thrilled to be selected as one of the participants for the #KINDMilesMatter journey. We’re packing the KIND snack bars as we’re on the go. Then, as we track our activities,  we’re also contributing to a really great cause.

So, starting June 20, we’ve been tracking every mile we were outside walking, hiking, swimming and running. And all that activity is making a difference! KIND will donate a box of KIND bars to The Storehouse food pantry for every mile that we complete together as a family.

KIND website  | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Made to Matter – Handpicked by Target


Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Kind Snacks, as a Brand Ambassador, for this promotion.

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