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First Car Moment

It’s one of those moments that most of us won’t ever forget: the #firstcarmoment.

leaningI worked so hard to earn enough money to buy my first car. It was a truck (actually),  and it was quite possibly the most beautiful thing I’d ever owned.

At least, it sure was shiny and new when I drove it off the lot for the first time. It wasn’t always as spotless after that first day, but  it was a reliable truck through some of the most memorable times in my life. I also remember every time I put the new batch of Michelin tires on…

Now, as I share my first car memories with my son, I’m thankful that I can also share with him all the ways that he can make sure that his new vehicle is safe and secure — from the roof, all the way down to the tires.

As my son gets older, I know his first car moment won’t wait forever. It was with some happy memories that I watched this video…

After all, that first car moment is unforgettable,  but it also makes me even more aware of the fact that my son will be driving before I know it… before I want to think about it, or accept it. You all say that he’s growing like a weed (and he is),  but I’m so not ready for his first car moment.proud

So, I’ll resist as long as I can, and meanwhile prepare him to make safe and smart choices when it comes to driving and his vehicle (when that, I-hope-long-off-but-unavoidable day comes).

Here are just a few of the facts that I want my kids to know… Summer is dangerous when you’re on the road. The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is often referred to as the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers, based on accident data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and National Safety Council.

  • Car accidents are the #1 killer of American teens (with 5,000 kids killed every year).  Their Uncle  Mike was killed in a car accident, so there’s that personal connection as well.
  • But, the other reality is that a significant number (12% of the 2.2 million, or 264,000) of accidents could have been avoided if the driver had properly maintained.

I know that all those important car maintenance issues don’t always seem essential to young kids, when they start driving; but it’s one of those things that we should all be aware of, and we should all be vigilante and cognizant of tire-pressure and all the other easily fixable maintenance issues. I know that my son watches what I do every day. Your kids watch you too!

If we all show them,  by example, why it’s important, Michelin’s awareness campaign can start reporting fewer accidents and death — less tragedy and more of those memorable #first moments that bring smiles to all our faces.


Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Michelin for this promotion.  I have received compensation for my participation, but my first car memories are my own. 


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