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How to Juggle Being a Dad, the Job and Sleep

Being a dad is awesome, but it’s not always easy. There’s always a constant interplay, with conflicting pulls from the demands of our kids and jobs. Sometimes, it’s also important to get a little sleep, at least to get enough to maintain our sanity.

With work and coaching, and all the rest of the extracurricular activities in our lives, we work to make our time together count.

  • Organize: By making sure everything is ready the night before, our mornings are much more painless and streamlined (we also get him off to school on time — fed, clothed, with his lunch and other essential supplies).
  • Calendar: We also keep track of all our activities as a family. School, doctor appointments, play dates, practices, games, park time and all the rest — we keep track of it all, to make sure we’re all where we need to be.
  • Time Out: There are some days when it’s just possible to set aside time — to just play hooky. We cover what we need to get done, but then make sure that we spend time just enjoying the day, without worrying about other stresses.

No, it’s not always easy; but it is possible to make the most out of the juggled life. And, we even find ways to sleep.

Some days, we just take a nap anywhere… #kingofrest @RestonicBeds #ad #lifeofdad

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After all, sleep is such an essential part of our lives. When we get enough sleep:

  • We have more energy for work and play;
  • We can exercise, and make sure we’re maintaining a healthy balance in our lives;
  • We’re in SUCH a better mood…

But, I’ve also found that my sleep can be dramatically affected by not only the stress in my life, but also by the mattress I sleep on. 

I know we’ve all experience that awful experience of waking in the middle of the night, and just tossing and turning because we’re uncomfortable (and just plain miserable). Our body is trying to tell us that we need to make a change. There’s enough craziness that goes on in our lives without worrying about a poor night’s sleep — just because of the mattress we are sleeping on.

We need comfort. We need support. And, we need a mattress that will allow us a fitful rest for a prolonged period of time –so we can get a descent night’s sleep! Let’s face it: we’re not getting any younger (and the kids make me feel older by the day).

That rejuvenating sleep is just what our busy lives as dads demands.


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