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Let’s talk about balls–for a good cause

TCF-ParentBlogger-badge-SQUARE-150px150pxIn the dad-blogger group I belong to, a pretty great guy–by the  named of  Jim Higley–asked our group: “Who would like to talk about your balls–for a good cause?”

He asked which of us would like to do a blog post in support of  Team Single Jingles Man UP Monday PARENT BLOGGING TEAM. (As I am a fan of my balls, I signed up.) He didn’t have to ask twice (for 1: Jim was asking; and for 2: well, this is something that has hit pretty close to home for me on a few fronts.

I know I will need to have this talk with my son, as I had testicular cancer (and his brother is a cancer survivor: stage 4 germ-cell tumor).

Now, no one had this talk with me (about making sure to check your junk for lumps). I found out I had testicular cancer at the age of 33.  And, I feel pretty lucky, as my prognosis for survival was not high.  Fortunately, I had great people caring for me, and  I made it through.  But, now, I wish that someone had warned me, that they’d had that talk with me. Just a short talk might have saved me a lot of time and suffering–if my cancer had been caught sooner.

The crazy part is, it only takes a few minutes to check yourself in the shower. Heck, you wash down there anyway, so why not take the time to check yourself.

Trust me, taking those few minutes could buy you much more time later. This is one time, when being early is a good thing: when these bad boys are involved.

You may think this conversation is tough and awkward to have with your son… It is nothing compared to having the other conversation with your son and his doctor; so Man Up and talk about your balls. It is for a great cause–as it is for your son, and it may just save his life.

It’s Man UP Monday! 

I’m proud to be a member of the Team Single Jingles Man UP Monday PARENT BLOGGING TEAM!

Today, I’m doing my part to spread an important message about Testicular Cancer.

What can you do?

And if you’re feeling just a little AWKWARD about this conversation, check out this video from some parents who feel the exact same way!

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