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What to do… when they won’t eat?

What to do when they won't eat

Ok, so, they DO eat something, but it’s not usually the meal that we plan for them. Yes,  he’ll eat a bowl-full of carrots, or  whole cantaloupe in one  sitting. He loves bacon, and adores mac-and-cheese (as long as it’s the “right” kind). Together, the boys devour bell peppers and salads. You’d think they were rabbits… Sometimes, it seems as …

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Holiday Giving – #LeeGoodDeed Gives Back

When we were approached by Life of Dad and Lee Jeans — to participate in this important (and inspiring) campaign — I jumped at the chance. Do the right thing! Join us in #LeeGoodDeed @leejeans @lifeofdad @daddynewbie #Holiday #Giving A photo posted by Don Jackson (@daddynewbie) on Dec 18, 2014 at 6:51pm PST After all, it’s the merriest time of …

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Another Movember


It’s time to celebrate another Movember! For many, it’s the time of the year when they grow a mustache. Since I already grow facial hair for most of the year–goatee and all–I grow a beard. For me, it’s a way for me to inspire conversation. Friends and family ask me why I’m growing a beard (they know I hate it, …

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Becoming a Healthy Dad – 4 Reasons to Get Healthy

Living a healthy lifestyle is not always easy, particularly when so many temptations are there. I also have my own share of additional challenges (as a cancer survivor), which really works to make me even more intent being a #healthydad! Why? I want to stay active (as a #HealthyDad)–so I can keep in shape (lose weight) and keep up with my boys …

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Help Me – A Journey to Self


With the passing this week of Robin Williams, I find myself asking, “Do we always see or seek out  help when we need it.” We all face depression at least once in our lifetime (if we’re luck), but it’s not a sign of weakness, nor is it a sign of being a failure to seek out help when going through those times. …

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Broken Bones & Gray Hairs

Last weekend, I participated in the MS Muckfest–it’s an annual event I started participating in 5 years ago because one of my brothers is affected by MS. All the hot-muck-goopy-filth felt like an all-too-appropriate metaphor for life this year, but it also made me realize a few other things. I know, I know… I’m not as young as I once …

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Let’s talk about balls–for a good cause

In the dad-blogger group I belong to, a pretty great guy–by the  named of  Jim Higley–asked our group: “Who would like to talk about your balls–for a good cause?” He asked which of us would like to do a blog post in support of  Team Single Jingles Man UP Monday PARENT BLOGGING TEAM. (As I am a fan of my balls, I signed …

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