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Another Movember

It’s time to celebrate another Movember! For many, it’s the time of the year when they grow a mustache.

Since I already grow facial hair for most of the year–goatee and all–I grow a beard. For me, it’s a way for me to inspire conversation. Friends and family ask me why I’m growing a beard (they know I hate it, because it just itches so much).

As you’ve probably noticed, men (and women) are helping to raise awareness for mens’ health (and cancer in particular) by participating in events throughout this month. Here are just a few ways you can participate in Movember:

  1. Mustache it (or grow a beard)... That alone is enough. You’re contributing toward the cause of supporting mens’ health and cancer. If you’re unable to grow facial hair, you can also wear a fake mustache to raise awareness.
  2. Talk About It. When family or friends ask questions about why you’re growing facial hair, talk about why it’s important to raise awareness, explain your personal connection, and encourage them to participate as well.
  3. Raise money. One of the most important ways to make a difference in your support of mens’ health and cancer awareness is to take the step beyond awareness and education to raise money for the causes you believe in.
  4. Go public. If you’re willing and able, you can take the next step. If you’ve got a blog, write about Movember. If you’re involved in social media, talk about why you’re growing a mustache (and/or beard) for Movember. Some are also speaking publicly via TV, YouTube, or other channels.

Our combined efforts for Movember helped raise  $22.9 million in 2013. There’s always more that we can do… if for no other reason than to open the eyes of those who don’t realize how important it is to talk about mens’ health issues.

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