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Chuck the Chunk Day 14-18

Well, I’m sorry for the long pause in between my posts for Chuck the Chunk. I have had a lot going on and, sadly, this posting has suffered, but I did have time to workout and eat right!Chunk 4a Chunk 3a

Well, I did my weight-in on Thursday and I am down to 249.7 lbs., that is a total loss of 10.3 lbs in the 18 days (so far) of the challenge.  I am doing well with keeping to my diet and working out. I have still not had a bad day (cheat day). Most days, I am coming in below my allowed calories, as I have been very mindful of what I am eating and its calorie count, as well as the portions.

I am thinking about running a 10k in October, but we shall see.

I know a lot of you struggle with weight, but I am here to tell you that it can be done (the weight-loss challenge). Just be mindful on what you eat, and how much you eat at one sitting. THAT was a real eye opener for me was: I just sat down one day and wrote down everything I ate that day (and figured out the calories). At the end of the list, I was so shocked what my calorie intake was… I could not believe how much I had eaten in a day and what that list meant, calorie wise.

I do have  to say: I am so proud of all the guys in the Chuck the Chunk on the Road to Dad 2.0. These guys are just knocking it out of the park with their individual efforts. But, they’re also helping us all stay positive–motivated for this whole thing. I am so proud and happy for my Chunk-brothers. They do a great job of keeping each one of us on track and encouraging one another, even when they don’t realize they are doing it.

I think (no, I know) that having a great support group is very important and vital for success on our weight-loss journey. As you can see I have posted my pictures and I plan on doing this every 2 weeks, to show my progress. Until next time, my fellow Chunksters, stay sweaty, my friends, and eat well.

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  1. LOL. Not sure which I like more — “Chunk Brothers” or “Chunkster”! 🙂

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