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My son was right

IMAG0194aMy son was right, and I was wrong. The teacher becomes the student, and the student–the teacher.

Well, I was reading an article the other day, and I have learned I have been wrong all of
these years (and not just me but my parents, their parents, their parents’ parents, and just about every parent for a few hundred years have all had it wrong)! At least, according to some sources, your boogers are good for you.

According to Biochemistry Professor Scott Napper of  University of Saskatchewan, it can be beneficial to eat your own boogers, as it supposedly adds to your immune system. Napper says,  “We were talking about the different types of molecules that are present in mucus, and it’s well known that there’s a lot of sugar groups. And then we took it a little bit further and said maybe your mucus tastes sweet to tantalize you to eat it. Kids, who sort of don’t know any better, that picking their nose and eat it may actually be training their immune system to the different types of pathogens and agents that may be present within the air.”

He is starting snot research to back up his claims, and you can be part of it if you choose. I, for one, am going to pass on this booger-of-a-time. I’d much rather be lacking in the immunity department. With the way I see some little kids going to town on their noses, they must be building a Superman-type immune system. It may even be that my son has been leading the charge in this effort (I just wasn’t aware of it until now). Perhaps he’s eating boogies–all in the name of science! It might be a great way to lower the doctor bills?!?

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