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Day 04 Chuck the Chunk

1003042_10152116524759616_1764882450_n1It is day 4 of my epic war with the fat dragon that must be slain: Chuck the Chunk. These first few days, I have won more battle then I have lost.

I am feeling less-and-less sore–which makes moving, talking and breathing that much easier and more welcome.

I have made a few changes to the diet, adding more ruffage, and changing up the snacks I eat. I don’t want to get bored with what I eat (and start eating things I shouldn’t).

I was going to take a few gym-action shots, but my arms are refusing to be lifted that high. Action shots of my feet are not really Sports Illustrated material.

Maybe in a few days–when my inner He-man breaks out–as right now my inner, old man is in full-force. It’s not pretty to look at.

On a good note, my son did not have to help me put my shoes on this morning, as my back was not fully broken and damaged as in mornings past. That would be a win, so “suck it, fat dragon,” (that sounds so bad, doesn’t it).

So in closing: Workout win. Expressing myself cleanly: I would say a loss.

See yeah… tomorrow.

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