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Day 03 Chuck the Chunk

36592876Well, I am pretty sure I lost 1/32  of a pound during my workout today, which means  CHAMPIONSHIP!

It’s another day in the Chuck the Chunk challenge!

Today, just my back, legs and arms hurt–as opposed to yesterday, when everything but my hair hurt. I also included some 2.5-year-old boy up/downs  (pick-him-up, set-him-down, up-the-stairs to get T-Rex, and down-the-stairs–as he forgot T-Rex). It’s 20 reps/ 60 sets, or as I like to call it: “a normal day”.

My diet is pretty much the same today. I might change up my snack to 1/2 cup of almonds for one and 1/2 cups of dried cranberries, to change it up.

I do have to say that food is awesome and tasty. I look forward to each-and-every meal and snack. For those of you enjoying your taste-filled meals, know that I dislike you.

Day 3 is down and I’m looking to Day 4.

I am hoping that the other dad bloggers in this challenge are all eating some great-big meals, with HIGH fat, and not skipping 2 servings of dessert.

Now off to go do another 10-sets of daddy up/downs. He is taking a bath soon, and I’m sure the 40 toys scattered throughout the house are needed.

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  1. Good to hear about how the challenge is going so far. I’ve been trying to eat a bit less and get more exercise, and it’s going OK so far (…well it is only the second day of August I guess!).

    • Thank you Jonathan, it has been ok for me as well. I think at first for us it will be, minutes seem like hours, hours like days, and days like weeks. I think after those first few weeks, it should become easier, well I hope so anyway.

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