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What Does ‘Dad’ Mean To Me?

My son’s 3rd birthday recently came and went, so I’ve found myself asking “What does ‘DAD’ mean?” Heck, I’ve ask myself that question often over the course of the last ~3-1/2 years–even before my son was born (or was a twinkle in my eye). I’ve wondered (and still do): Am I going to be better then my dad or father were? …

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Radiothon 2014 – For The Kids!

Every child is a miracle, but for some of our kids, it’s not been an easy road. I know I’ve written a little bit about my own experience with my first child, who died shortly after birth. But, I also have another child in my life who has overcome what could have been overwhelming odds–to beat cancer. My stepson, Ethan, …

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My trip to Dad 2.0 in NOLA

Let me start by saying how awe-struck and humbled I was to be around so many great-and-involved dads (and moms) at Dad 2.0. It wasn’t just the fact that they have such great site, or that they didn’t just talk about being an involved parents; they backed it up by actions. It didn’t stop there. I can honestly say that …

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