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Prepping for the Big Game – #BigGameTreats

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For this post, we used: SNICKERS®, Life Savers®, Skittles®, and Starburst®

We’re getting ready for the Big Game… What are you having? #biggametreats #CollectiveBias #ad daddynewbie.com

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We’re huge football fans, and we enjoy following our favorite team all year round. So, when the Big Game comes around, it’s really a great opportunity to get together with family and friends and enjoy the game, while we share some fun #BigGameTreats.

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This year, the  boys wanted to do something a little different, and they really let their creative juices fly. They also enjoyed combining their favorite snacks to create a snack landscape, with the Starburst laid out as a road, and the rest of the candy combined to form trees and cars. Beyond the obvious fact that the boys love these snacks, the project/recipe creation is also an important collection of lessons.

  • Counting & color organization: They had to count all the pieces to make sure they had enough, and they also organized the colors into the roadway, as well as the other crafty ensembles.
  • Storytelling: They rarely miss out on an opportunity to make their projects into an adventure, and this was no exception. On Big Game Day, they’ll be re-telling the stories, which always adds a fun dimension to every get-together.
  • Explore Creativity: My kids love to paint, draw, and model; and this became a great way for them to make a crafty snack that we can share. They’ve already been telling all their friends about what they made with their varied collection of Life Savers, Starburst and SNICKERS!


We’re getting ready for the Big Game… What are you having? #biggametreats #CollectiveBias #ad daddynewbie.com

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Here’s the recipe we created for our #BigGameSnack:

Prepping for the Big Game – #BigGameSnacks

Total Time: 1 hour

Number of servings: 20

Per Serving 219 calories

Fat 13 g

Carbs 29 g

Protein 2 g



  • 2 bags of mini SNICKERS candy bars
  • 2 bags assorted GUMMY Life Savers
  • 1 bag mini Starburst candies
  • 1 bag Skittles candies


  1. Open the first bag of Snickers, as well as the bag of Skittles, the bag of mini Starburst, and a GUMMY Life Savers bag.
  2. Put the mini SNICKERS candy bars on a microwave-safe plate.
  3. Also prep the GUMMY Life Savers (by using a knife to cut them in half)--after you cut the Life Savers on your cutting board, you can place them in a bowl or on a plate for use.
  4. Prep the bag of mini Starburst candies (like with the Life Savers, you'll cut the mini Starburst in half, and set them aside).
  5. Place the plate of mini SNICKERS in the microwave for 10-20 seconds (checking ~ every 10 seconds on how melted the bars have become). You want the bars to be slightly melted, but not so melted that the chocolate is dripping off.
  6. Take the mini SNICKERS candy bars out of the microwave, and arrange them (two minis, side-by-side -- the slightly melted chocolate should stick together).
  7. While the chocolate is still partially melted, place 4 Skittle candies on the sides of the car (for tires), one-half of the GUMMY Life Saver at the "front'' of the car (as a steering wheel), and the half-mini Starburst in the "body" of the car (as two bench car seats).
  8. It's usually easiest to batch these little cars in small bunches (because you have to put all the "car parts" on before the chocolate hardens too much.
  9. Once you're completed with a batch of cars, you can also place your mini cars in the refrigerator or freezer -- so that the "car parts" will harden more securely in place.
  10. You can also use "regular" Starburst candies and make a road for the chocolate cars.

Wondering where to find these delectable snacks for your #BigGameTreats planning. Just follow everyone else–to the Candy aisle, at Walmart.


Now, I’ve shared my my Game-Day recipe with you! I’d love to hear what you plan on making for the Big Game! Please leave a comment below.

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