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Playing catch–when is good time to start ?

Well, Spring Training is upon us, and I’m look forward to taking my son to a game when the “games that count” start. Also, I’m looking forward to him being old enough to play catch with, as well. And, there lies the question, when is it too young to start playing ball or things like that with your child? If …

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Tough Dad, Soft Dad

It is hard for us older first-time Dads to try to not be super-tough-guy Dad, like we had. The old-school thinking, of “showing too much affection means a soft kid”. I just have a hard time believing that kind of thinking. I hug and kiss my son as often as I can, but is it too much? Can we make …

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Hello world – a beginning

Well, I am a new Dad (or will perpetually feel that way). Like a lot of you, I feel super unprepared and afraid of messing my child up, in ways that will require years of therapy for them. I have this fear daily, but as of yet I have not lost or injured him in any noticeable way. This site …

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