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The week that was

309444_10150979653317151_2122901164_n1Well, this week, I learned… When I put together an oak full-size/twin bunkbed, I should find some other place for my son to be. I love my son, but it was a chore to put the bed together, while he ran
(and climbed) around. He had a knack of taking off with the bolts just when I needed them. And, he loved playing with his car–right under my feet.

I loved that he wanted to help in his own way, but I was constantly aware (and concerned) about his safety. I didn’t want him to get hurt!

At the same time, it was cute to watch him trying to hold a board up or hand me a bolt. At times, he just sat there and watched me put the bed together–wonderment in his eyes. He carried on a conversation with me (with words only he could mostly understand), but I could tell what he was getting at…

It’s kind of crazy that I can understand what my son is saying when his words probably sound a lot like an alien language–to anyone else. It’s as if we share our own Tardis.

Of course, through all that–the boy underfoot, the excited conversation, and the little helping hands–we had the “best of times.” It turns out: it can be fun putting a bunkbed together with your 2-year-old son. As long as they still have all their digits at the end of the project, all is well. It’s those times that will live in our memories for a lifetime.

Maybe, just maybe, putting a bunkbed together is a metaphor for what being a parent is all about. It can me maddening at times; but, in the end, it’s an awesome and fun adventure.

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  1. Great post! In my house my wife puts together the Ikea furniture because it frustrates me – all those screws and bolts and Allen keys, and instructions. Me, I get to handle the things that don’t come with instructions, like my 3-year-old daughter, who my wife can’t handle once she starts screaming. I guess it depends what you’ve working on. All I can tell you is you must be one awesome dad if you can handle kids and putting furniture together at the same time. – Adam

    • Adam thank you, I think we as parents should always play to our strengths, having the touch to clam down your daughter, that is a great gift. Sounds as if you and your wife have a good system, and you work well together. I wish I was an awesome dad,but thank you for saying so. I got lucky and was able to do both that day, not well, but I got it done without losing a digit on me or him.

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