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Knowing what he wants

2013-01-02_17-15-04_776aMy son is starting to get more vocal when it comes to what he wants to eat. The problem, of course, is to get him to eat more then just what he

I believe he would eat chicken nuggets for every meal in a day (plus snacks) if we would allow it. Therein lies the problem. How do we get him to eat foods and meals that are more well balanced. It is a chore some days–to get him to try new (or different) foods. And, of course, other days he can’t eat those things fast enough.

I know there are some super-parents who make a weeks worth a meals on Sunday. That’s awesome. It takes a special breed of parent, and I think many of us can only hope to attain

Sadly, I’m just Joe-average dad, far removed from a Martha-Stewart-type (in the domestic sphere). He does love fruits–watermelon is his favorite. He’ll also “go to town” on Edamame.

Trying to get my son to try something different is not always easy; but,  with patience and consistency, it will happen.

If you have days where making something easy works, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent. It just means you’re human–trying to do the best you can…

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