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All Great Things: T-Ball Party

They say that “All great things must come to an end.”

But, somehow,  it never feels like that’s really the case. While we were in the midst of the T-Ball season, we’d gotten into a groove. We had practice and games every week, and every player improved.

I told the parents and kids at the very beginning of the season that our goals were simple:

  1. Learn  to bat (without throwing the bat)
  2. Catch and field
  3. And, have fun…

To that end, we (as coaches and parents) all were involved. Everyone ran bases, shouted encouragement,  and ran after those stray balls. It was awesome to get to know the parents and the kids. And, we had a good time.

But, it really is true… one season is now past, and today we got together for the end-of-the-season party.  We met at the local bowling alley — with pizza and the world-famous Sadie’s (it’s New Mexico, after all).

Bowling, air hockey, some games of hoops… It was a party, and the hours flew by. The older siblings helped the younger kids. It had the feel of a family reunion.

It wasn’t a goodbye… it was a segue, a brief pause… until the next adventure.

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