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Winning in Fantasy Football With Walmart Family Mobile

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Well, it has been a month now–living with the Galaxy S4 and the Walmart Family Mobile Plan.  I have to say: I am really impressed with the phone and the service of both.

FF Walmart pics 7

OF COURSE, I love fantasy football, and I have been using the heck out of my Galaxy S4 (with the Walmart Family Mobile Plan) everywhere I go. For a fantasy-football fanatic like me, the phone is perfect for:

  • checking scores,
  • trolling the wavier wire,


  • trying to make all kinds of trades.

You can see–in the picture here–that my son loves to get in on the action too! He’s taking phone calls and fielding trades…

#FamilyMobileSaves, #cbias

I have to admit, for me, a lot of the fun of fantasy football is the trash talking, and I have been doing that a lot. With the Walmart Family Mobile Plan, I’ve been able to have continued good coverage. That allowed me to do all kinds of trash-talking–anywhere, at anytime.

Multiple Team Fantasy Football = Constant, On-the-Go Connection

I run four fantasy teams, so having a smart phone is more than just a convenience–it’s essential. My phone and service must work wherever I go, and the Galaxy S4 and Walmart Family Mobile Plan were the perfect combination for my demanding fantasy-football needs. I didn’t have to worry about “dead zones” or slow connections. (Being the first to see a gem–and steal him from under another fantasy owners nose… Priceless ).

“Live” Longer 

The Galaxy S4 is a great phone, with a good battery life (it lasted me all day with moderate-to-heavy use. The picture quality is also very good (as you can see).

FF Walamrt pics 3a

Concurrently running all my apps on it has been quick and easy, with no lag. So, trolling the  wavier wire for my next gems was a snap. I would like to say that since making the change over to the Gaxaly S4 and the Walmart Family Mobile Plan, that my teams are undefeated, but that would so not be true. I do have a winning record and I am still in the playoff hunt.

So, that right there should be enough to get every fantasy-football fan to make a change.

I have had the same cell provider for more than 12 years now, and I will be making a switch I believe. The phone investment is worth the cost, and the mobile plans are super affordable ($29.88 – $39.88)–with unlimited text, talk and web.


<< Just take a look at my Google+ Photos!


#FamilyMobileSaves, #cbias

#FamilyMobileSaves, #cbias

After a month, my impression of the plan, the phone, the service and everything related to this deal continues to be AWESOME!

#FamilyMobileSaves, #cbias

#FamilySaves #cbias

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