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Days 12 & 13 Chuck the Chunk


Well, this weekend went well on the Chuck the Chunk challenge.

I have been very fateful to my diet. I have not cheated (or used any PEDs) but my people are calling A-Rod’s people to get the hook-up.

Oh I have been tempted over these last few weeks, but when temptation calls, I grab a few  baby carrots, and do some damage on those bad boys.

I have found imagination goes a long ways, when it comes to eating. Last night, I had a nice rib-eye, a loaded-baked potato, a big salad, and a fair portion of cheese cake.

And, now on to what I really ate: A turkey burger (minus cheese, bread, mayo and ketchup) and a big salad, (mixed greens) with 2 tsp. of fat-free Italian dressing. For a sweet at the end, I had 1/4 cup of dried cranberries.

I am on the verge of being the William Shakespeare of food-gination, as each day I have all kinds of stories in my head of epic feasts–in the great, food-hall of my mind.

I weight in tomorrow, I hope it is looking as good on paper as it is starting to feel.

Until tomorrow my fellow Chucksters! Stay sweaty my friends, and let’s raise our baby carrots to toast.

Oh, I almost forgot. I am adding some pics tomorrow–to chart the progress.

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