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Chuck the Chunk Days 10 & 11

Well I have been lazy on my posting, but I have not been lazy on my diet or exercise for Chuck the Chunk.

This post represents days 10 and 11, and it is slowly getting easier, as I’ve settled into a routine. I’m getting used to my diet, and I’m battling through my massive cravings.

Speaking of cravings, I think my whole neighborhood must be reading my blog posts, (a guy can dream that he has fans) as someone is grilling or BBQ-ing every freckin’ day. I can smell what they are grilling as my office window is open–with the cooler temps. I am working away, eating my snacks of baby carrots or watermelon (which are good-and-tasty–kind of, but they are not beef/pork steaks, BBQ chicken, brats, or any-other grilled product).

I do have a slight amount of dislike for my fellow men (women) right now–with all their grilling-yummy-happy enjoyment. Know this, my cruel neighbors, revenge is a drink, best-served cold. When I can, I will drink a sweet tea, laugh as creepily as I can, twirl my non-existent villain-stashe–all while wearing a pair of banana-hammock swim trunks, smiling in all my skinny glory, and holding my Chuck the Chunk Dad 2.0 weight-loss challenge trophy, (I’m pretty sure there is no trophy but there should be).

So, suck it neighborhood grillers. I am sorry… I’m projecting, as I am lacking fat in my diet, I will now go and drown my broken heart in a 16.9 oz bottle of water and a cup a baby carrots.

Until tomorrow, my fellow Chunksters.

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