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Happy April Fool's Day
Happy April Fool's Day

All the World’s Fun and Fools Run Free – Happy April Fool’s Day

Happy April Fool’s Day. It’s April 1st, the perfect opportunity to have fun with the kids and show them all the ways to prank one another.

Nothing mean or hurtful, just some fun play (as we make fools of ourselves). Here a few fun ways to play around on this April Fool’s Day:

  1. Add color: Changing the color of food is a great prankish way to start the day, or add some fun to the middle (or end of the day). I know, we’ve all made green eggs and ham for Dr. Seuss Day, but it’s fun to add a bit of food coloring to milk or eggs or oatmeal or snacks.
  2. Eat Rocks: This is a fun prank for April Fools, birthdays, or any fun time… And, it all starts with these tiny little chocolates that look like rocks:

  3. Poke holes: Use a needle or pin to poke holes in a water bottle, than invite your kid to have a drink. It can create a bit of a sopping mess, but it can also be a bit of fun when they fill up the bottle and try to drink their water.

Yes, yes… there are lots more ways to play pranks and have fun on April 1st. What are some of your favorites? Have you added food coloring to the milk, or swabbed the faucet with coloring? Into every day, we have a little fun… if that’s not our goal in life — as adults and parents, the more fools are we!

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