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Trying to stay clean, word-wise

This is always tough to keep in mind when your in the midst of an all-out rant: keep your words in the non-colorful vocabulary zone. Even our half-way swear words are no-goes sometimes, as it is no_swearing2really just the word, just in a different light: Frick, heck, ghal bless it, suck, and a nod to my sci-fi friends (fellow sci-fi nerd here), Frack’n. I guess it is better that your child is saying “frack’n toy” then the later, but we sometimes just need to let loose a verbal flood of swear words to get our angst out. So, I try to use my not-so-close to the real things swear words. It may not be right, but heck sometimes your frick’n words just need to come out. Here is a good read for those who like to swear like it is 1945,” 10 old-fashioned swears to spice up your cussin’ “

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