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A Mix of Words


Words, words, words… I love games, and I’m trying to pass that on to my kids as well. So, we play whatever games interest them, and it’s great to watch them gaining interest as each year passes. So, today is National Scrabble Day; and once again we play with words. We put together the succession of letters they know, and …

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Trying to stay clean, word-wise

This is always tough to keep in mind when your in the midst of an all-out rant: keep your words in the non-colorful vocabulary zone. Even our half-way swear words are no-goes sometimes, as it is really just the word, just in a different light: Frick, heck, ghal bless it, suck, and a nod to my sci-fi friends (fellow sci-fi nerd here), Frack’n. …

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