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Test Drive Turned Into Rally Cross

We had the pleasure of experiencing the Mazda 3 Grand Touring car this week — it was great. It was more than just a test-drive. It was one of those experiences that was really unforgettable.

The First Day

My son immediately decided that the car was named “S”…  He said it like “SSSSSS,” but — from the first moment he saw the Mazda 3 — he loved the impression that the car was fast and maneuverable (though we never exceeded the speed limit).

Love the smile! #Mazda3 Test drive… @MazdaUSA @DriveSTI He’s so excited!

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Beyond our initial impression, we took the Mazda 3 with us everywhere.

Jamming to the tunes on our evening test drive @MazdaUSA @DriveSTI #Mazda3 #abq A photo posted by Don Jackson (@daddynewbie) on

Community Experience

We also took the Mazda 3 with us to the Make-A-Wish Fundraiser at the new Delish. What better way to enjoy a leisurely drive than by stopping in for cupcakes — to benefit a great cause!

Test Drive — To The Mountains

More than that, though, we needed to take the car out for a REAL test drive. So, we took to the road, and headed up into the Sandia Mountains. Around the turns and curves, the car handled great. We even had the opportunity to test out how well the car handled in snow and ice. “S” took us all the way up to Sandia Peak. The boys played in the snow, and then “S” took us all the way back home again, safe and sound!

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