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Day 04 Chuck the Chunk

It is day 4 of my epic war with the fat dragon that must be slain: Chuck the Chunk. These first few days, I have won more battle then I have lost. I am feeling less-and-less sore–which makes moving, talking and breathing that much easier and more welcome. I have made a few changes to the diet, adding more ruffage, …

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Day 03 Chuck the Chunk

Well, I am pretty sure I lost 1/32  of a pound during my workout today, which means  CHAMPIONSHIP! It’s another day in the Chuck the Chunk challenge! Today, just my back, legs and arms hurt–as opposed to yesterday, when everything but my hair hurt. I also included some 2.5-year-old boy up/downs  (pick-him-up, set-him-down, up-the-stairs to get T-Rex, and down-the-stairs–as he forgot …

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Day 02 Chuck the Chunk

Well I made it out… Day 2 of Chuck the Chunk! Sort of, as I am very sore in places I wasn’t aware were muscles. On a good note, straws are my friend, as arms are not wanting to bend without reminding me that I am old, fat and extremely out of shape. The workout went pretty well. I was …

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Day 01: Chuck the Chunk

Well here we are on Day 01, weight-in time for the “Chuck the Chunk” challenge. Today, I am breaking the scale at an eye-popping 260 pounds. Our goal is to be 200 pounds, with 60 pounds of weight-loss, by January 1, 2014. Boy, this may be impossible, but as they say: “Go big, or go home!” Well, I guess we want …

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