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He’s going to school… Kindergarten

It’s a year of milestones, I know. He turned 5 in March, and now… he’s going to school.

Let me take a step back, though. He’s not going to school tomorrow. It will be months yet. Today, though, he was accepted to a very good school. It didn’t happen overnight…

  • We researched schools.
  • We asked for recommendations.
  • We talked about what we wanted our son to experience for Kindergarten.
  • We attended the Open Houses.
  • We submitted the applications.

Now, though, all of that preparation now seems like a hazy past — the prelude to the realization that my son really is starting Kindergarten this year. THIS YEAR. 2016.

And, by whatever chance or prayer or hope or fate, he won the School Lottery. He was chosen to attend this school.

So, I know that I’ve said it before, but I’m not ready.

I know that he’s ready. He’s nervously anticipating the experience, and he doesn’t know what to expect. But, he’s ready.



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