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First Day of School Blues

Well here it is again: the first days of school. It’s the yearly ritual all parents must face at the end of every summer.

For me, it is yet another reminder of how quickly time with our children pass, and how fleeting time is.

I know… this is how life progresses, how it is ” supposed to be”; yet I want to fight it. He is going on this adventure and that. I see the wonderment in this eyes–he’s experiencing so many things for the first time. And, I will be missing many of those moments. He will be there and I will be here.

We associate time with “Father Time,” but I’m not sure that any father (heck, any parent ) would say “ok” to the unrelenting march of time. It’s always moving forward, without allowing room for breaks or pauses. I know of no parent who wants that. We want our children to be certain ages, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were at least given the option of slowing it down a bit.

So, no, I do not believe “time” is a father, and if he is, he is no father I want to know.

It is the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. We’re all posting pics of our kids in all their first-day-of-school smiles. I know that I should be happy, but I find myself feeling a little sad. I am not ready for this or any of the other first days ahead: elementary, middle, high school. Then, there’s college, then when he gets married, and all the other possibilities. There are so many first days ahead of him and so many last days ahead for me…

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