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548827_10151204404257151_384591001_n1Well here we are another week…and this is what I’ve learned. Well, I’ve learned a few things.

My son has discovered a new love: Walking with Dinosaurs.
On a good note, this show has 6 episodes, 29 minutes long–on a 3-hour loop (if I am lucky that is). I am learning the dinosaurs names:

  • Diplodocus (long neck plant eater),
  • Allosaurus ( T- Rex like meat-eater),
  • Placerias (mammal-like reptile plant eater),
  • Coelophysis (small T-Rex like meat-eater).

The Diplodocus, and Allosaurus are both from the Late Jurassic period 152 million years ago, and the Placerias, and Coelophysis are from the  Late Triassic period 220 million years ago.

Sadly, all of this was written from memory and not from doing research.

And, yes, I learned a lot and found it very interesting–for the first day (or 4).

Now, I can likely recite the two episodes word-for-word.

In writing this blog, I did look up the names of the dinosaurs–not for information, but to find out how to spell them correctly. And, just a suggestion, dinosaur-namer guy, how about dumbing down the names a bit? Maybe if the dinosaur is found in a desert: Desertasaur or Sandasaur.

When you name the dinosaur Ornithocheirus (Greek for “bird hand”). First, it’s hard to pronounce. Second, it’s hard to spel (it’s like your a 1st grader reading War and Peace out loud). I know Bird-Hand sounds goofy. But, if it sounds goofy, don’t name it “Bird Hand.” Name it Huge Flying Lizard.

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