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DiGiorno Pizza – Top 5 Reasons It’s A Must For The Big Game

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DiGiorno Pizza 4DiGiorno pizza is an old stand-by snack for most of us who are football fanatics. We enjoy a slice (or 10) when we we’re sitting here, setting up our line-up for fantasy football every week. Then, we eat even more when we sit down with friends and family to watch the Big Game.

So, what are my top 5 reasons to enjoy #DiGiorno Pizza for the BIG GAME Day? It’s simple…

  1. #DiGiorno pizza is affordable! I’m constantly seeing (and using) coupons and deals for DiGiorno pizza. That means, you can make it part of your budget, without feeling guilty that it’s an extravagance or luxury.
  2. It’s easy. You can easily locate the box (bright RED). It’s also a popular brand, so every store as it! And, the best “easy” part of all is: it’s an easy process to get it home, get it in the oven, and enjoy!DiGiorno Pizza 7
  3. For me, getting to Walmart to buy a DiGiorno pizza is literally a walking-distance away. Running to the store for a few minutes gets me off the couch, allows me to cool off a little from all the yelling I’ve been doing, and I still don’t miss anything! (win-win-win!)
  4. It’s quick… It took me less than 20 minutes from ripping the box open until I could take a bite into the cheesy goodness! (That includes the recycling-0f-the-box, putting the frozen pizza onto the cookie sheet, trying to control my son’s excitement while he watched the pizza crust rise, and letting it cool for a few minutes… that is, before the hungry natives descended upon it!) It also means that I don’t miss a minute of the game!
  5. It’s a great option for those (very-necessary) cheat days! As you’ve probably already read… I’ve been on the this Chuck-the-Chunk challenge, so I’ve been watching what I eat, and following an exercise regimen. And, I’ve been losing lots of weight! But, every once in a while, it’s necessary to let myself enjoy something (like pizza) that I really enjoy. DiGiorno is a reward for all the hard work I’ve been doing the rest of the week! And, the calorie count isn’t that bad–it works right into the rest of my count for the day!

My sons and I really enjoy sitting down and watching football… throwing back a few root beers, shouting at the TV (like our voices could make the players stronger or better), DiGiorno Pizza 6while we gorge ourselves on great pizza! Win or lose, we always toss back more delicious DiGiorno pizza and pound some root beer…

To follow the discussion, with great snack ideas for the BIG GAME, please follow: #GameTimeGoodies

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