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Dance party

My son, who has his father’s awesome booty-shaking moves, is now dancing to all any song he hears, no matter where he is…

We went to the park yesterday. I was pushing him on the swings, and we were finally just about ready to head home… Of course, he wanted to go down the slide before we went home.

He was at the top of the slide, and my phone went off  (Frisky by Tinie Tempah). And, of course, he starts to dance.

I might add: he’d just made friends with two little boys. As he danced, his pants started to fall down…

As his pants start coming down, he grabs at his diaper and pulls it off. I was waiting for him at the bottom of the slide, and he was partially blocked from my view–by the tube part of the slide. He dropped his diaper onto the ground from the top of the slide and then proceeded to barrel his way down  the slide–head first. When he arrived at the bottom of the slide, he had a huge smile on his face. I picked him up, pull his pants on and give him a big hug.

We collected his diaper and dropped it in the trash on the way to the car. His new friends were telling their moms all about it, in total disbelief.

You would think that I’d have been embarrassed by the whole thing, but I wasn’t. I couldn’t stop laughing. As we walked away, I mouthed “Sorry” to the two moms.

“No worries,” they said. They were both laughing too. It was really the look that they gave me that meant more than the words.

We are parents. Being embarrassed is the norm now. Maybe this is our new cool, because there will be days when the kid crushes the carton of eggs with his fingers–making a mess all over himself. And, of course, it happens while shopping, because you looked away for a few seconds.

I am embracing my new cool. Being a parent is the ultimate cool.

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