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Week in Review

74086_10151204405617151_1789548823_n1Every Friday, I will be giving my what I learned this week (or I would like to think I learned).

This week was an interesting one… We just finished up moving, and my son (who is 2) was, oh, so much help. Moving with a young child is such a huge undertaking at times; and, if you’re not organized, it is so much harder.

Fill up a box. He takes the stuff out of the box–all the while thinking he is being a big help. Well, if you can take him to his Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle’s, or close friend’s–trust me, you will get more done. Which will also, not make you want to pack yourself away, and move else where, far away, from everyone.

I also learned, again, that I hate moving. Working from home and moving is also a pain at times, as you’re trying to find a space to work and also making sure everything is up and running at your new place. And, you have to meet deadlines as well. So, yes, in a word: a pain.

I can say that it is fun unpacking and having your child help you put things up for the 5 minutes he is focused on it. I now wonder how my parents moved me and my brothers so many times when I was growing up.

Heck, during my high school years alone, we moved ¬†four different times–four straight years–so I’m now just amazed they could keep it together through all those moves.

All in all, it’s been a good week. My son is talking more. He is freshly off is 2nd birthday and now knows how to yell “Dada” until I answer, with each “Dada” getting louder until I answer, which is cool and scary all at once.

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