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Another week gone by

Well another week has gone by, and I’ve learned more amazing things…563097_10151294580237151_642955798_n1

As we begin the journey, we think it is our child that is learning  and gaining experience. Somewhere along the line, we discover that we’ve been growing (and learning) even more–in a different way. We gain patience, inner and outer strength, bat-like hearing, a heightened sense of pending danger, and if you look close enough, we may becoming super-heroes. I guess that is one way to look at it, or just that you are trying to round yourself a better parental-unit.

One thing that I have learned: don’t try to be the best parent your family, friends, or world as ever seen, just be the best Dad/Father to your child, because in the end your child is the one your trying to do, right by, not anyone else. As for awards and huge plaques stating your Dad awesomeness, well they come too, just not in metal and wood trophy Coolness, but in the ginormous smiles, kisses and hugs your son or daughter give, and those my friends can’t be quantified or be expressed by me, in even the slightest of ways to give it justice, I will leave that to people with light years of a better  literary arsenal then myself , for me it is beyond any words on the warmth and happiness it brings you.

Sadly for all of us, that is a double edged sword, as with that happiness, can come great heartache, when your child is hurt, in pain, or sad, because with good has to come bad, some days, as it can’t always be sunshine and rainbows. It is what they forgot to tell you, when you signed on for this whole package, it is the fine print that we forget to look at, on the ankle tag our kids come with. For good and bad, it is what our journey is all about, it is part of the growing process, for them and for us, them with hope will grow into adulthood a far better version then ourself, and with their help we will become better versions then we are, and if we don’t then we are so not doing something right. So what I learned this week is that I am a slightly better model then I was last week, it is a minute, by hour, by day process, it took some overtime this week but I think we are better for it. Until next week fellow Dads, look for something to grow on, for you and your child, as for me I am off to go get ink pen tattoos off my sons legs, oh wait check that, he has some beautiful neck and arm tattoos as well…….

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