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The pain of haircuts

179576_10151239364369505_66050989_n1Haircuts are an adventure.

From the age of about 1 year… I’m sure it also depends on whether the child enjoys the process. But, I have to say: my son is NOT a haircut fan. So, it’s a little heartbreaking for me…

I love going to the barber shop and getting my hair cut. And, sadly for my son, he has my hair. When it gets to be longer then an inch, it becomes nice and  curly. It would be great for a girl (probably)–not so much, being a boy. I get hair cuts often.

We finally ended up buying  some hair clippers. Over a 3-day period–at bathtime–we slowly cut his hair, a small area at a time. We cut until he just can’t stand it anymore (which only really takes a few minutes), then he goes into the tub.

It is a lot of trial-and-error. Sadly, sometimes, it seems like a lot more error. But, it does help me to know my child better.

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