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202609_10150979656857151_1014379105_o1I read that you shouldn’t allow your child to watch shows or things like that. My son watches our Kindle Fire when we ride in the car or when he wants to watch something before taking a nap. He watches shows like Dino Dan, Curious George, Cars and the one he watches the most is Walking with Dinosaurs.

He loves that show, and I feel if  he enjoys watching it and it can be educational, then go for it. He has learned a lot of the dinosaurs names–by pictures at first, and now, he can say parts of their names. He plays outside a lot and his vocabulary is steadily growing…

I think television can be a tool (just like most things)–when used in a limited way.

Some parents put their child(ren) in front of a tv (as a babysitter)–they let the kid(s) watch it all day long–from shows all over the viewing spectrum, with no redeeming value. Just use a little common sense, I say.

I also like the fact that you can read books for kids of any age on the a tablet or digital device (Kindle Fire, in our case)–many are free! The interactive and dynamically changing aspects of books are endless. But, I also know that tv and digital books haven’t affected my son’s love for reading (and carrying around) real books–particularly his giant dinosaur book. He points at each picture and demands that I recite the name of every dinosaur in the book, which I butcher and think, please normal names, not Latin ones that 3% of us can say, and sound cool doing it!

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