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One Gameband to Rule Them All - Minecraft
One Gameband to Rule Them All - Minecraft

What to Do With Your Minecraft Fanatic #GameOnTheGo Gameband

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We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to test out the new Gameband (which is owned by Now Computing and affiliated with Minecraft). If you (or your kids) haven’t yet had the opportunity to try out Minecraft, this is a really great opportunity. With Portable Minecraft, you may just love it that much more! After all, Minecraft is pretty addictive already–even without the portability…

It’s a #Minecraft @mygameband discovery! (down the Video Game aisle) #GameOnTheGo #ad

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As you’ve probably already guessed, we found the Gameband at Target in the Mobile Gaming section, but you’ll want to call ahead to your local store (the Gameband is so popular they appear to be “flying” off the shelves!)

Why Minecraft? Why Gameband

My kids both love Minecraft: the characters, the adventure, the storyline, and just the whole experience of building a world. What first intrigued them about the game was that their friends talked about it, but that curiosity has evolved into something of an obsession. They love to talk about it, play it together, watch the Minecraft videos, and draw out scenarios. If we didn’t require that they spend time doing homework, playing outdoors, and all the other activities–they really would love to spend all day building, imagining and playing.

My son and his Champion friends recently had the amazing opportunity to meet the First Lady Michelle Obama (she gave him a hug). It was a great experience for him and the representatives from each state across the US. The kids already had a shared experience that brought them together, but I was also impressed by how the age differences didn’t matter. The older kids talked, laughed, and played Minecraft with the younger kids. While they waited to meet the First Lady (and participate in the other Champion activities), they played Minecraft together.

Just What He’s Been Wishing For…

With all of the fascination and fun surrounding the Minecraft game, the Gameband has been released at the perfect time. He was thrilled that he’s been able to test out the band now, since Christmas break is just around the corner. Plus, he loved checking out the in-store display. This Gameband really is the perfect item for the on-the-go kid!

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I know… I know… lots of our friends have been asking what the Gameband does. Is it just a USB device? A watch? A storage device? A band? A bracelet? A game? What?

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It’s For The Geek in All of Us…

The reality is that it’s a geek accessory, but it’s also a LOT more than that. For the Minecraft fan,  it’s the perfect way to take the game with you wherever you go. But, for the general geek (adult or kid), it’s a lot more! For my kids, the Gameband is a cool way to tell the time (they break most of their watches, but this one is amazingly resilient (it’s ultra, hard-core!)… meaning they haven’t managed to break it yet)! It’s also a geek statement (it’s the perfect conversation starter among friends and acquaintances), and it’s the MUST-HAVE gift that all the kids (and many adults) want right now!

My kids already have Minecraft t-shirts galore, but the Gameband is something different. It’s really the first-ever Minecraft wearable. But, it also allows them to take all their work with them wherever they go. Even when they don’t have computer access,  though,  the band is still an intriguing accessory–it allows them to tell the time, date, and they’ve also particularly enjoyed making their own customized, digital messages via PixelFurnace (they love streaming text on the band,  and also displaying the cool digital images that come pre-loaded on the Gameband!)

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Really, the only feature that they haven’t gotten to try out yet on the Gameband is the sanity-saving back-up feature! In the past, when they played Minecraft, they have lost their work, and I’ve heard their groans and cries of frustration.

Now, with the Gameband, their data is safe and secure on a cloud-based server. That’s something that they were happy to hear when we first started talking about the Gameband, but I know that they’ll be even more thrilled if we ever do have to contact Now Computing and order a replacement. Honestly, they just love the Gameband

There are so many reasons. If they didn’t already have reasons enough, the fact that it comes pre-loaded with super-cool maps from Sethbling, Hypixel and Dragonz… Well, that just makes the Gameband that much better!

All ready to play @Minecraft! @mygameband #GameOnTheGo #CollectiveBias #Minecraft #excited

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Quick Note: If you have any questions or feedback on the Gameband, be sure to reach out to Now Computing!

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