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Fun day out

1016129_10151524647397151_303097246_n1It has been really hot here for the last month, so going outside has been pretty tough. Evening trips to the park when it is cool seem to be the norm as of late.

To break up the same-ole-same-ole, we went to the Natural History Museum today. As always, we spent a lot of time around the dinosaurs–T-Rex being his main focus, Neck (sauropods-herbivores with small heads), long necks, long tails Brauchiosaurus), and Horn (ceratopsidae-horns and frills  quadrupedal herbivores– in this case a Triceratops) also drew his attention and excitement. They had a new feature there this time, well more of an add on to what they already had in their Space section, that he really liked.

He did a lot of fun running around: looking, watching, taking it all in–with wonderment and oh- so-many giggles and laughs. On the way home, he was (of course) hungry, as the  Superstar parent/ Father of the year I am , we pulled up to the BK (using BK instead of the full name as their sponsorship has yet to materialize, so get on the Daddynewbie-Ad-juggernaut BK before time runs out)  drive thru and ordered some T-nuggs (my sons way of saying chicken nuggets ), the 4 piece (99 cents/ great deal if I must say).

Here is a little parent riddle that seems to baffle me to no end: when I make or buy my son a 4-piece of nuggets, he wants more (sometimes another 2 to 4 nuggets); and when I get him the 6-piece, he will eat 2. If I make or buy more, he sometimes will eat 1 or none. This has to be right up there with all the great questions and mysteries of life, the likes of: “are we alone in the universe?”… ” why are we here?” … and the ever-so-perplexing “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” (three if you ask the owl).  Most of the weight I gain comes from eating what he doesn’t or in some cases why I don’t get food at all.

Sorry, I am climbing down from my little step-stool for hand washing/teeth brushing version of a child’s soapbox. So, back to what I was writing about.

Of course, he was still hungry after the 4 t-nuggs, so I decided to stop by another BK, with an indoor playground, as I was kind of hungry at this point. I sat there and watched him play/ run around and he seemed to have as much or more fun then at the Museum earlier in the day. So, in between running around, he stopped by to drink some of my drink, then he would run off sporting an awesome red ‘stache.

What I learned is that our season passes to the Zoo, Science Center, Children’s Museum, and the  Natural History Museum–are not needed. Just some drink and some t-nuggs ($3 value) and a A/C-controlled indoor play area is all that is needed.

Side note, he ate half a nugget, or more like a quarter of one. So, I am needing the guy from Good-Will Hunting to come clean my house and finish the t-nugg mathematical equation for the right amount of chicken nuggets to buy/make. Heck cleaning my place would most likely be more welcomed then finishing the un-finish-able equation of a fickle kid.

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  1. It is funny to see how your children react to your their own children.

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