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ESET Smart Security 6 – Great tech support and customer service

ESET-SMART-Securuty-6Here, at Daddy Newbie, our computer is the most important asset we have. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to get posts out or stay connect to our awesome readership–via all the social media outlets.

So, making sure our computer is well protected is a huge deal!

When PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) asked if I’d like to test and review the PTPA-approved ESET Smart Security 6 software, as a Brand Ambassador, I was more then willing to give it a try. I am always on the look-out for added protection for my computer.

I dowloaded the software and started installing the program. At first, I had a little trouble installing it, as it really slowed my computer down.

So, I uninstalled the program, and tried the process over again… Being a “typical man”–I thought I knew a thing or two about computers, and I figured I’d have no problem figuring it out.

So, after a few failed attempts, I had yet to get the program to work on my computer. I started thinking that I was not going to be able to make it work. My only option other than reading the directions, of course) was to ask for help. So, I bit the bullet, and called tech support for  the ESET Smart Security 6 program.

I was thinking to myself, “Whoever is on the other end of this tech-support line is going to be some pimply-smart, know-it-all programmer, who is going to laugh and take down to me.” I’ve had those calls, with

questions like: “Did you turn it off and on?” or “Are you sure you installed it right?” Also, I was really prepared to be on-hold for hours.


To my surprise, the tech-support line was super streamed-lined, with easy-to-use prompts that sent me right where I needed to go. After 2 minutes I was on the line with Joaquin T. , who to-my-wonderful surprise, was super nice. He asked me about my experience. He took me step-by-step through what the problem could be. Then, after one failed attempt by me to fix it on my end, he asked if he could do a screen-share, I said sure.

After about 5 minutes of poking around, we figured out what was wrong.  Then, we re-installed the program again. It worked great! He even saw some things I’d missed and asked if he could clean up some stuff on my tool bar. The whole process took about 15 minutes total from the start of the phone call, until Joaquin T. said, “Thank you, sir, I am glad we could get you up and going today. You have a great day, sir.”

During the extremely efficient interchange, Joaquin made me feel like “we” fixed the problem–not just him, (even though, he he did all the work; all I did was answer his questions).

This post was going to be a review on all that this program can do for you (and I will be going over a lot more of what this program can do in later posts–in the coming weeks). Things like:

  • ESET Smart Security 6’s  parental control, which includes their tips on  “How to keep your children safer online
  • What “Phishing” (yes, that right, boys and girls–we have some homework for you) is and how this program protects you from it.

I should note that after installing ESET, I did scan of my PC, and it found 8 malicious threats. It should also be noted, I already had a popular security program, protecting my PC.

So far, I’ve been very happy with the program, and the technical support ( was AWESOME !! ). I look forward to telling you more about this great program in the days to come…

Don’t forget to check out the ESET Facebook page or follow them on Twitter–for more information and resources. As a reader of DaddyNewbie, you’ll receive a 15% discount on ESET Smart Security–just click on the banner below (promo code=”PTPA”). 


[Disclaimer: I received one (1) download-copy of ESET Smart Security for free, as well as monetary compensation for installing this program and promoting it on my blog. I have personally reviewed this product, and believe it’s of benefit to my readers. Please take a look at my full Disclosure.]

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