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Being a Dad 24/7

I was asked by a good friend to write a post about what being a 24/7 dad means to me.

Well, to me, it means pure joy.

Don’t get me wrong… My son can be trying at times, but it is all part of the total package. If all I had were days when he listened, when I didn’t have to repeat myself 100 million times, when he didn’t try to push the limits of what he can and can’t do, where he took naps and was never cranky, when he didn’t spill something right after I told him to be careful, when he didn’t change his mind 43 times from the frig to the table on what he wanted for a snack–all of these things are what, to me, make being a dad 24/7 so great.

I think, sometimes, we need to be reminded that being a dad isn’t always puppy dogs and mud puddles. I love that it keeps me on my toes, making me bob and weave.

One thing any dad worth his salt will tell, is: “Prepare for the craziest thing your kid will do and then plan one step beyond that.”

As a dad, your hope is a form of controlled chaos. That, for me, is what makes the adventure so awesome. Trust me, your comfort level and their comfort level is not even close to being on-par. Your child will think that riding a bike, with training wheels, down a steep hill is a safe and great idea, as you’re watching them do this off in the distance, All the while, you’re screaming in your head “NNNOOOOOO !! YOU’RE GOING TO DAMAGE YOURSELF !! You are going to suffer from a broken EVERYTHING.”

It’s why we have no grey hairs before them and a billion after 2 years (as we age in dog years after their birth).

This is what I signed up for, and this is what I look forward too every day–all the good and the occasional bad.

So what does being a 24/7 dad mean to me? Pure joy.

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