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420923_10151368217409505_2090253149_n1Well, my son has decided to embrace his inner Picasso, and is drawing on anything and everything.

have art on my walls, doors, floors, it even finds it’s way on him tattoo-style (arms,legs, hands and stomach)  and every now and then on some paper.

He uses pens, markers, pencils, paint, and also chalk–to produce his masterpieces around my house. He has also become   Harry Houdini. He’s a genius at finding all of these pens, pencils, markers, chalk and paint, even when I’ve hidden all of said items throughout the house–well out of his reach. Yet, I find him creating a Mona Lisa here and there–to my earnest surprise.

As I sit here in my office, typing up this post, I can see swirls of crayon on the windowsill–a red one at that. So, now I can add another tool to his artistic arsenal of mayhem, to his canvas I call my walls, and doors.

I have to wonder if they make a safe that is more than kid-proof, or that it may be time to install a nanny-cam–not for the usual reason, but just to learn how he gets to at all of these artistic supplies (that I am trying to keep from him).

I have to sit here and wonder, who exactly is the grown-up here and who is really the smarter one. Right now, he is so kicking my can on this. It may be time to say, “Well played, sir !!” I can move on to something simpler (like maybe a rock?).

This is one of the tough parts of being a parent. You want your child to express themselves–talking, writing, and creating art–but you also have to make sure they aren’t creating those things on walls, doors, bills, etc. It is something I am still trying to master with him.

It is a process, but we are both learning. As long as we’re doing that, I’m thinking that it isn’t all that bad…

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  1. Save those masterpieces, my friend! I’ll be doing my “Proud Papa Gallery of Greatness” next Father’s Day! 🙂


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