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Abilities and Can-Do

As my son becomes more and more independent, it is also a time for him to become increasingly frustrated as well. He’s trying out all his new abilities.2013-03-16_14-03-44_976a

  • Running… he is learning to balance himself while running–so I see him take off on that wobbly, top-speed run. But, he can just as easily trip and fall. Or, he can’t keep up. (So, it can turn frustrating.)
  • The spark… He’ll get an idea of what he wants to accomplish: pushing a toy truck, or digging in the sand. He’s pleased when he’s successful and frustrated when he’s not.

It’s all part of this newly blossoming burst of independence.

He needs to know boundaries–with positive reinforcement. Attempts are just as important as accomplishments. And, it’s important to provide encouragement, which will help him cope with disappointment and feel great pride/pleasure for those successes. Sometimes saying something as simple as “I know it’s hard… ” or “Can I help?” or “Great job.”

It’s a journey (and we’re all growing together).¬†Sometimes, it’s a rough go. But, in the end, it’s well worth the time and energy we invest in it…

Try not to rush to your child’s rescue if he’s mildly frustrated. Jumping in to do it for him can foster dependence and diminish his confidence. Your challenge is to balance your natural desire to help and protect your child with his need to tackle new tasks.

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